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12:07AM, 12 Jan 2012
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12:07AM, 12 Jan 2012
My daylilies have Root Rot, what is the best way to treat them. I grow the daylilies in pots.

Submitted: 07:20AM, 11 Apr 2012
Answer: Hi Christine,
Root rot diseases such as Phytophthora and Pythium are controlled by Yates Anti Rot. This is a systemic fungicide which is sprayed onto the foliage of the plants and it is translocated throughout the plant including the root system.

Certain plants may be sensitive to phosphorus acid sprays so test a small sample first.
Reapply the Anti Rot 4-6 weeks later.

Category: Diseases
Tags: anti rot
Answered: 11:19AM, 13 Apr 2012


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