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Lilly pilly has white sticky patch. Have sprayed with eco-oil without success. Is this scale?

The white patch is on one only bush but, there are 35 other lilly pilly. How to prevent scale (?) from infecting the remainder?

Submitted: 11:04AM, 31 Mar 2012
Answer: White wax scale are difficult to control when they are large and have a thick covering. The best time to treat this scale is during Spring when the small scale and crawlers are present. Pest oil can be used and good coverage of the scale is important. A follow up spray will be required.
Confidor can also be used and this is a systemic insecticide which will enter the plants system. Again this will be more effective in Spring when the scale are small.
You could also try to wipe off the scale wearing a pair of washing up gloves. This will squash the scale.
Category: Diseases
Tags: scale
Answered: 11:44AM, 02 Apr 2012


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