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Every time i grow snow peas the leaves turn a rusty yellow colour drop off and the plants die.Please help.

Submitted: 04:17PM, 26 Feb 2010
Answer: Dear Jason,
It is a shame you have had problems in growing snow peas in the past as they are such a versatile and delicious vegie to grow.

Best to grow snow peas in the milder months from late summer to late winter,avoiding those hot summer months when all those fungal diseases thrive.

Before sowing your seed, it is best to incorporate into the soil garden lime/dolomite to sweeten the soil and potash to encourage flowering. Avoid applying a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen as this will encourage leafy growth at the expense of the flowers and subsequent fruit.

It appears that you may have had in the past a fungal problem called Rust. This disease can be controlled by using a copper spray called Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray. Apply this product when you first notice these fungal spores.

Another fungal problem on snow peae is called powdery mildew. When watering your plants avoid watering the leaves. If you notice the mildew mildew appearing on the leaves you can use a natural remedy of spraying 1 part full cream milk to 9 parts water.

Harvest your snow peas when young and pick them often to encourage more flowering.

Category: Diseases
Answered: 12:14PM, 03 Mar 2010


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