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06:42PM, 28 Oct 2009
My tomato plant leaves are yellowing from the bottom.

The soil has been very wet the last few days because of heavy rain, is that the cause? Will they go back to normal once dried out a bit or is it something else?

Submitted: 09:25AM, 30 Nov 2011
Answer: Hi Kathryn,

It could well be that the soil in which your tomato plants are growing has become saturated, making it difficult for the necessary nutrient to flow through from the root system.

Tomatoes do suffer from wilt. This is where the leaves start to yellow from the bottom up and gradually the plant begins to wilt and finally it collapses and dies.

At this stage, I don’t think it is wilt, Just keep an eye on your plants. Wait until the soil dries out a little and see if they recover. To give your plants a boost, we would suggest that you apply a product called Uplift Organic Plant Starter & Root Booster. This product contains seaweed, Bio-Activ, fulvic acid and a natural wetting agent. It works well to help plants recover in a stressed situation. Apply it now and then again 2 weeks later. You then might like to change over to another Uplift product called Uplift Organic Liquid Fertiliser. This is a complete fertiliser which will give your tomato plants all the nutrients they need to produce lush green growth as well as lots of delicious fruit.

Answered: 12:41PM, 30 Nov 2011


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