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09:11AM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: Hardenbergia can develop leaf spots which can b...
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09:11AM, 22 Oct 2009
Medium_111120111503 I have raised spots on apple leaves.

Could this be a fungal infection? The raised areas are about 1/2 to 1cm wide initially. They become larger, then turn brown then dark brown and when they grown and reach the edge of the leaf it turns dark brown then black and seems to wither.
Could this be treated with Lime Sulphur?

Submitted: 02:32PM, 10 Nov 2011
Answer: Dear Diana,

Thank you for sending the photo – it really does help. The disease is called Apple Scab. It can also be known as black spot which first appears on the leaves. The spots gradually darken and become black. The fruit also develops black spots which age to a brown and become corky in the centre.

To prevent this fungus from occurring, spray your apple trees at green tip stage (early to mid-September) again 14 days later and then at 3 weekly intervals with Mancozeb until 2 weeks before harvest.

It is difficult to know at this stage if you will be able to salvage any of the fruit, hopefully you will be able to. It is important to remove any infected fruit and pick up any infected leaves that may have fallen to the ground.

Spray early next year and I am sure you will be able to harvest a good crop.

Category: Diseases
Answered: 02:23PM, 14 Nov 2011


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