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What in an ongoing program to treat brownrot in nectarines. this recurs everyyear. I want to start spraying them now for next year

Submitted: 09:55AM, 10 Feb 2010
Answer: Hi Dawn, it is vital to remove any dead branches, twigs or any twigs oozing gum. Remove mummified fruit from the year before. the following spray calendar will help control this fungus. Timing of the first spray is most important.

July during dormancy: Yates leaf Curl Copper or Lime Sulphur
Early budswell (pink just showing): Leaf Curl Copper
10% blossom open: Mancozeb fungicide
100% blossom open: Mancozeb
Shuck fall (petals mostly fallen): half strength copper spray.

Spray all tree surfaces very thoroughly. Ensure good air circulation through the tree by thinning branches. Thin fruit to avoid fruit touching. Keep trees well fed, adequately watered (avoid wetting foliage) and mulched.

Category: Diseases
Tags: brown rot
Answered: 09:08AM, 12 Feb 2010


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