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Medium_img_1346 My coastal tea tree has black over some of the leaves and branches, and white spots on top.

Submitted: 02:00PM, 25 Oct 2017
Answer: Hi Danielle,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

From the photo it looks like you have a infestation of scale on your tree. The black that is also appearing is called sooty mould and generally accompanies the scale or sap sucking insects.

We recommend treating your tree with Pest Oil to control the scale. Once the scale has been controlled the sooty mould will dissipate over time. Whilst treating the tree, we also recommend giving it a good feed with Dynamic Lifter Liquid. It is a great feed for the natives and contains some seaweed to help ease some stress.

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturalist

Answered: 03:05PM, 25 Oct 2017


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