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My grevillias have a classic case of iron deficiency. Could spotted gum bark mulch be the cause?

The Honey Gem and Moonlight plants were thriving for the first two years but have been barely alive for the last 12 months. Two small banksias died after leaves turned yellow. This bed has thick bark and leaf mulch from my gum trees and I've also dug uncomposted vegetable and fruit peelings into the soil in the past. Two recent applications of iron chelates hasn't helped. The grevilleas are struggling to survive with very stunted growth of leaves and flowers. Other small banksias are doing ok.

Submitted: 07:45AM, 14 Aug 2016
Answer: Hi Frances,

Thank you for contacting us.

There could be a few things that could cause such issues in the garden. Too acidic or too Alkaline soils would not help in plant development. Too much of gum bark mulch could make the soil more acidic. As you also informed us, the use of uncomposted fruit and vegetable peels may invite unwanted pests like grubs that would feed on peels plus on the roots of the plants causing them to suffer.

Best course of action would be to check the pH of the soil. Also if you get a chance dig a little in to the soil to see if you find any curl grubs. If you do see curl grubs around the planted areas we would recommend taking them out and destroying them as we do not have a product to control curl grubs in gardens.

Adding Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food would be the first step to improving the soil conditions. Once you have added basic nutrients like the Dynamic Lifter, you can follow up with Thrive Natural All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, to help with any trace element deficiency in the plants.

Hope this information is helpful, if you have further queries do let us know.

Kind regards,

Yates Horticulturalist

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Tags: Gravillias
Answered: 10:34AM, 15 Aug 2016


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