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Medium_image Rose diseased and aphids appear in my roses. Looks like the disease has been there for a long time

On stems and leaves black spots yellow leaves.Flowers only last a day or two. Should I cut out all diseased stems now or wait until winter? Please recommend a treatment program to help look better for next year. Are they recoverable?

Submitted: 09:00AM, 15 Feb 2016
Answer: Roses are susceptible to a number of fungal diseases and it looks like you’ve got one here. Yates Rose Shield is a good product to use when trying to protect your roses from fungal attack. Just start spraying when new shoots emerge in spring or at first sign of insects or disease. Repeat applications at 14 day intervals for continued protection. Just cut off your affected areas and spray the new shoots when they emerge to control the problem.
Category: Diseases
Tags: black spot, roses
Answered: 05:09PM, 15 Feb 2016


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