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I have what I think is black spot on my pears. I have sprayed with copper fungicide last winter but I think I might need something stronger. I have kilos of pears on the tree and all are affected. Is there something that can be put in the ground and taken up by the roots? I have 2 pears and 1 apple tree affected. Thank you

Submitted: 12:49PM, 24 Jan 2016
Answer: Hi Christine,

Thank you for your enquiry. The black spots on pears probably indicate pear scab, which is a fungal disease very much like apple scab. The symptoms of this disease are usually seen first on the leaves. The spots gradually darken and become black. The fruit develops black spots which age to brown and go corky in the centre with irregular margins. Fruit blemishes are also caused by sooty blotch and the associated fly speck. I would suggest you to rake up and bury all leaves in autumn. Regular applications of fungicides are necessary. Spray with Yates Liquid Copper Fungicide at green tip stage before tips are 1cm (early to mid-September), and again 14 days later. Then spray every 14 days with Yates Mancozeb Plus. Stop about the end of October unless the weather is wet. Pears do best in a cool climate, particularly cold winters for chilling requirements. If the weather is warm and humid, they will be more susceptible for fungal disease therefore require regular sprays. Hope this would help your pears and happy gardening.

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Answered: 04:26PM, 25 Jan 2016


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