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Medium_shasta_2 Shasta daisy has developed mutated tufted green flowers.

I have cut off all the affected stems and binned them, and sprayed the remaining stems with Confidor.
What sort of disease is this - virus, fungal, whatever. Do I need to get rid of the whole plant, or can I treat it with something?

Submitted: 08:26AM, 16 Jan 2016
Answer: Hi there,

It looks like your daisy is suffering from a bacterial fasciation, which caused the several distorted flowers and stunted shoots. Infection weakens the plant and may invite lethal secondary decay. Water spreads the bacteria from diseased plants and debris; daisies with damage to their lower stems and crowns are especially vulnerable. So what you have done is right, also try to keep their bases dry protects healthy plants.If pruning doesn’t improve their condition, you may have to remove Infected plants. Thank you for using our service, looking forward to hear from you again.

Answered: 09:41AM, 18 Jan 2016


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