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Medium_2014-11-09_13 2 port wine magnolias dying

Potted port wine magnolias, potted for 10 years, are now almost bare. The stems have some white fluff, and are loosing all the leaves, the branches are dry and now only sticks. New growth is also falling off. Should I spray the soil? I sprayed the plants for mealy bug (Baythroid) and repeated 7 days later (today). Will I start to see an improvement soon? Should I provide any other treatments?

Submitted: 05:23PM, 09 Nov 2014
Answer: Hi Susan,
The port wine magnolias do look unwell. There are mealy bug present and it would be best to apply Pest Oil or YatesÆ Natureís WayÆ Citrus & Ornamental Spray for this pest. Atleast two sprays will be needed. If possible repot the magnolias as there may be curl grubs present in the pot and you can physically remove them while replacing the potting mix.
Fertilise regularly (at least 3 times a year) and apply seaweed to help with root growth.
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Tags: magnolia
Answered: 09:59AM, 11 Dec 2014


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