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2nd season nectarine developed leaf curl Sprayed with yates Copper fungicidal spray Should I do anything else?

Planted last spring tree blossomed beautifully and leafed up seemingly quite healthy. Has developed leaf curl which I have sprayed. Do I need to do anything else and how do i prevent this in future?

Submitted: 06:52PM, 25 Oct 2014
Answer: Hi Lyn,

Controlling leaf curl is all about timing. Looks like you used the right product – Yates Liquid Copper Fungicide is certainly up to the task. Follow label instructions carefully:

i.e. “Spray when buds are swelling but before and within one
week of bud opening. Where leaf curl is likely to be a severe problem based on previous experience, spray first in autumn at leaf fall and then at the first sign of bud swell and repeat one week later”


And for general leaf curl advice:

Category: Diseases
Answered: 02:27PM, 04 Dec 2014


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