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Just wondering if you can help me with my tomato plants. This one is mammas delight %26 the problem with the lower leaves seems to have happened quite quickly. I use seagold liquid kelp %26 power feed. Please can you help as I seem to have the same problem each year. The plants are in the same spot but pots are washed %26 new soil added each year. I don't like using any chemical products unless I really have to.

Submitted: 09:47AM, 22 Oct 2014
Answer: Hi J,

The photograph isn’t showing at this end however what I suspect you’ve got is early blight (tomato blight).

Tomato blight is a fungal disease that most often affects tomatoes and potatoes. It starts by causing distortion of the new growth followed by spots on the leaves. Gradually the whole plant withers, yellows and dies. The disease is difficult to treat once established but its entry into the plant can be prevented by spraying with a protective fungicide. Early blight often occurs during humid weather and is most likely to attack plants under stress. Remove dead or damaged leaves and make sure there’s good air movement around the plant.

To control, it’s best to use Yates Tomato Dust or Yates Liquid Copper Fungicide. Both products are safe when used as directed. See

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Answered: 01:50PM, 04 Dec 2014


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