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08:41AM, 18 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Jennie, with flowering annuals grown from se...
Category: Potting Plants
08:41AM, 18 Nov 2009
Flowering gums not producing flowers

My flowering gums are approx. 3 years old, about 1.5 metres high, look really healthy, but after initial planting I don't think have ever produced flowers - any clues

Submitted: 10:07AM, 11 Apr 2014
Answer: Hi Steve,
The fact that your flowering gums look healthy, they obviously like being where they are planted. They are only 3 years old so I would say they are developing their root system and putting on growth at the expense of the flowers. You could try fertilising with a native fertiliser to encourage that flowering. Yates produce a slow release fertiliser called Acticote for Natives. This product has all the necessary nutrients your trees will need to thrive. The Acticote can be applied in spring and again at this time of the year, in autumn. Keep looking after your trees. The flowers will be worth it.
Answered: 02:33PM, 28 Apr 2014


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