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I need to transfer bulbs and irises further back from the garden edge.

When is the right time to do this and should I take the opportunity to sort them and only put back the strongest, or do I need to dig them up and keep them keep them in clumps?
Any advice appreciated. Thanks

Submitted: 10:01AM, 13 Feb 2014
Answer: Summer bulbs that have finished flowering can be moved once they have died down but the optimum time to transplant irises will depend on their variety.

Bearded and louisiana irises can be moved after flowering or in late autumn to early winter while irises that go dormant should be moved during dormancy.

For more details about the transplanting process and other information about irises visit the following website. SHOULD I DIVIDE MY IRISES

Answered: 04:53PM, 26 Feb 2014


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