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NONE of my bulbs flowered this winter/spring, (daffodils mainly) Am wondering why. leaves were green and heal

I transplanted hundreds of bulbs from my son's garden to mine. In his garden they flowered beautifully. Since coming to my garden they have not flowered (2 seasons) but leaves are green and healthy. I cut them off when still green, did not wait for them to dry. Is this the problem?

Submitted: 02:37PM, 10 Oct 2013
Answer: Hi Joan,
What a shame the daffodils haven’t continue to flower. It could well be that the bulbs being quite a number of years old now have run out of energy to continue flowering. It is always a good idea, once they have flowered,to continue to fertilise with a liquid fertiliser until the foliage has yellowed and completely died down. This will ensure that nutrients travel down to the storage bulb. You made need to lift the bulbs now, discard the older bulbs and keep the young bulbs for planting our next year. Keep the bulbs in a paper bag and a cool spot ready for next year.
Answered: 11:11AM, 16 Oct 2013


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