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I have a few orchids in pots. Unfortunately there are some dead bulbs in the pots, is now a good time to repot

Also what type of potting mix should I use. Do you think I should pot them in a small pot rather than a large one?

Submitted: 05:19PM, 30 Jul 2013
Answer: Dear Maria,
I am assuming your orchids have no flower spikes at the moment. Re-pot your plants early in spring so that they have maximum time to recover from their transplant and to grow.

Firstly, remove dead or rotting bulbs and any rotting roots before potting into small pots with cymbidium compost.

If dividing, ensure at least three linked bulbs are placed together so that the plant will flower next year.

Lastly, apply Yates Uplift Plant Starter and Root Booster to the pots. Continue to use this product regularly afterwards as this will encourage healthy root formation hence plant growth.

Category: Bulbs
Answered: 01:57PM, 31 Jul 2013


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