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Planting Papilio hippeastrum bulbs

I have received 10 Papilio hippeastrum bulbs that were removed from the ground several weeks ago and stored in damp straw. The bulbs still have their roots and tops. Currently, they are in my bush house in a tray covered with the straw, and I lightly spray them with water every other day. I live in Brisbane and it does not get frosts.
Can I plant the bulbs in the garden in July OK?
Should I soak the roots prior to planting?
Should I remove the tops leaves from the bulbs when planting?
In Brisbane, do these bulbs need lifting every winter?

Submitted: 10:52AM, 10 Jul 2013
Answer: Hi Geoff,
The bulbs can be planted out now that it is winter. When planting, keep the neck of the bulb at the soil surface. Hippeastrum prefers to grow in a friable, well drained soil in a sunny spot in your garden.

I am assuming the foliage has died down. This can removed at this stage. There is no need to soak the roots before planting out. There is also no need to lift these bulbs every winter.

Once the spring arrives, the bulbs will require ample water when the flower buds appear.

Enjoy growing this spectacular bulb in your garden.

Answered: 02:02PM, 10 Jul 2013


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