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10:34AM, 31 Dec 2009
Answer: Dear Georgina, Nature’s Way Citrus & ...
Category: Pests
10:34AM, 31 Dec 2009
A Nerines in a a question now...

Lots of rain in the last 3 weeks here and I think that my nerines may have rotted I have not had nerines before so do not know what to look for but the bulbs feel soft.

Submitted: 11:27AM, 05 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Jocelyn,
It does sound like your pots may have retained too much water causing the bulbs to become soft. Ensure that the neck of the bulb is still above soil level. If you lift the pots up off the ground and allow the pots to dry out, perhaps the bulbs may still have a chance of shooting and producing flowers. Good luck.
Category: Bulbs
Answered: 02:24PM, 14 Jan 2010


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