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Can orchids grow well without a pot? What types thrive in garden beds? Can they grow close to buildings?

Submitted: 09:36PM, 05 Oct 2010
Answer: Epiphytic orchids, such as dendrobiums, can grow without a pot, in branch forks or on trees. Basically,they rely on their host for support. Lack of water can be a problem during the warmer months of the year in many areas so ensure your plants receive a drink regularly.

Cymbidiums will grow in a morning sun position in a garden bed if your soil is well drained. Rock lily dendrobiums will grow on sandstone (not in full sun) provided their roots are covered with bark. Both varieties require additional water during the warmer months and all orchids will benefit from occassional fertilising.

Category: Bulbs
Tags: orchids
Answered: 03:07PM, 13 Oct 2010


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