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what annuals, flower in November needed for table decorations at wedding

we want 3 small 100mm pots to form a table decoration colour yellow and white

Submitted: 04:42PM, 22 Jun 2010
Answer: Dear Toni,

You can grow annuals from seed but it can be difficult to find packets of seed producing flowers with one colour only.

I can suggest Yates Marigold Petite Yellow as a small annual for a 100mm pot which would be flowering in November.

Chrysanthemum ‘Snowlands’ is a small growing annual, white flowers with a yellow centre which would compliment the petite yellow marigold.

Allysum ‘Carpet of Snow’ is another small growing white annual which would also be suitable for a table decoration. Allysum is also slightly perfumed, so that might be nice.

You can always buy these annuals in 100mm pots from your local nursery if you would prefer. They would certainly be in flower at that time of year. You may need to give your nursery a call well in advance to order in the potted colour for you.

I hope you have a wonderful day and all goes well.

Answered: 02:02PM, 25 Jun 2010


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