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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Frances, The high worm population in your ga...
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10:33AM, 16 Jul 2012

Hi, Could you please tell me if I should remove the old straps from my hippeastrums. They are starting to shoot with new season growth but the ones with the old straps do not seem to be doing as well as those where the straps fell away naturally. I have a garden full of them and would like to get the best results I can. Many thanks Kay

Submitted: 09:44AM, 09 Sep 2014
Answer: Hi Kay,
Normally we would say to let the foliage die down naturally as this will ensure all those nutrients are transported back into the storage bulb. It may be that some bulbs are at different stages, but eventually the old foliage will die down. You might like to put some slow release fertliser around your bulbs at this stage. Now that it is spring, your bulbs will be putting on new growth, as you have already noticed with some of them. I am sure over the spring/summer months they will continue to thrive and produce beautilful flowers for you. Yates Acticote would be an excellent choice of fertiliser. Enjoy your lovely garden.
Answered: 01:54PM, 26 Sep 2014


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