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I bought 3 Soleil D'or Jonquils from Bunnings Browns Plains in late Autumn and planted them after about two weeks being in the fridge. The flowers have just opened and it says on the packet that they open late-Winter to early-Spring. I'm very confused about this. Why have the bulbs done this? Will it disturb the bulbs flowering process for years to come?

Submitted: 12:42PM, 03 Jul 2014
Answer: It is because the soil temperatures have been a little warmer than average this autumn that your bulbs have flowered prematurely. Don’t be too strict about the flowering time stated on the bulb packet, as it is just a generalisation – flowering will vary according to location.

Next year the flowering time could be different again. The most important thing to remember is to ensure your bulbs have plenty of reserve to initiate flowering the following year. Fertilise with Thrive Flower and Fruit soluble fertiliser every fortnight until the plant shows signs of dying down.

Category: Bulbs
Answered: 02:57PM, 03 Jul 2014


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