Day 15

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What should your essential gardening tool kit look like? Here are our top five ideas for the best tools that will make gardening at your place a lot easier.

1. Digging spade

Whether you’re planting new trees and shrubs or mixing Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser into the vegie patch, a quality digging spade is a must.

Fiskars® Light Digging Spade has a pointed cutting edge for easier soil penetration, is made from lightweight aluminium with a strong and durable steel head plus a comfortable SoftGrip™ splinter free handle. Best of all, it’s very light, weighing only 1.2kg, which is around 50% lighter than most spades on the market – there’s no need to make digging any harder by lifting heavy tools!

2. Soil drill

Planting up a garden bed with fresh seasonal colour can require a lot of back breaking bending and digging. Using a soil drill, like Fiskars QuikDrill™, you can create multiple planting holes without bending.

It has a dual cutting action with two optimally angled and sharpened blades to create a neat 150 mm diameter hole and the steel tube shaft is reinforced for maximum strength. QuikDrill™ can also be used for aerating or breaking up heavy clay soils as well as turning compost, so it’s a very handy multipurpose tool.

3. Secateurs

Trimming and pruning are some of the most common garden tasks, whether it’s giving roses a winter prune, removing dead stems and small branches or taming wayward plants. Repetitive pruning can be tiring so using quality secateurs is key to reducing strain and effort.

Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Pruner will cut branches up to 26 mm in diameter and has a unique mechanism that makes cutting up to 3.5 times easier than standard secateurs. They’re light weight and comfortable, with extra hard sharp steel blades. So when you have a serious day of pruning ahead of you, these PowerGear Pruners will be your best friend.

4. Loppers

Are your pruning needs a little more heavy duty? If you have larger branches to remove, then the Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Lopper will cut through branches up to 55 mm in diameter. The curved lower and bypass blades make for easy catching of branches and a clean cut.

The PowerGear mechanism gives you three times more force and its lightweight aluminium shaft and SoftGrip handles means they’re very comfortable to use. Enjoy lopping for longer!

5. Raking

A rake has multiple handy uses in the garden, from collecting prunings and raking loose grass to preparing and levelling soil in garden beds and new lawn areas. Fiskars Solid Universal Garden Rake has sturdy tines to allow for easy raking and has an added levelling function. ..

It’s solid construction, light aluminium handle and durable plastic head make it a pleasure to use and its hanging holes means it can be easily stored.

Just a few cleverly designed tools can make light work of some common garden tasks, so you’ll spend less time and energy working and more time enjoying!


Welcome to Day 15 of the Yates Spring Celebration!

Thanks to our friends at Fiskars, we are giving away 1 of 2 Garden Tool Kits (RRP$322.55)

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Prize pack includes:

1 x Fiskars PowerGear X Large Bypass Pruners
1 x Fiskars PowerGear X Lopper Bypass Large
1 x Fiskars Quik-drill
1 x Fiskars Solid Universal Garden Rake
1 x Fiskars Light Planting Spade


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What to sow in Spring

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