My passion for gardening has recently blossomed (pardon the pun) and now I'm understanding why my Mum and Aunts take so much pride in their gardens. I love talking to them about my latest gardening accomplishments with pride, the challenges and unfortunate failures and could listen for hours as they give me tips and tricks passed down through generations. I have a high, very exposed 5m x 3m raised garden bed at the end of my terrace which is a pain at times to climb to get to the back, we also have large potted plants running along the side. But I’ve turned this thing around over the past year from just a sea of stinging nettle and milk thistles to a perfectly mulched bed with a variety of herbs, vegetables and colourful flowering plants. Although recently we had some sneaky critters attack our fruits and veg, we’re tearing it all out to focus on getting ready for some beautiful spring colour and fragrance. I’m about to plant my very first rose bushes… wish me luck!

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Young Avocado is wilting since re-potting, not sure what the problem is?

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