Grow Your Own Ginger


Steaming fragrant ginger tea, ginger biscuits and cake and Asian stir fries are just some of the ways you can use deliciously tasty and spicy ginger.

If you’ve ever bought some knobbly looking fresh ginger root from the supermarket or green grocer and wondered what the rest of the plant looks like and whether you could grow it at home, then read on!

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a perennial plant native to tropical forests in Asia. Above ground, it has strappy green leaves that grow to around 1 m long. Below ground is where the magic happens as under the soil the bumpy beige coloured roots (rhizomes) develop. This is what is harvested and sold as ‘ginger’.

Ginger prefers growing in warm zones however can also be successful in cooler areas in a container positioned in a protected spot. You can start your plants from ginger roots purchased from the supermarket or via mail order.

A whole plump root can be planted or it can be cut into pieces that are at least 3cm wide that have at least one growth bud. Leave the pieces to dry out slightly for a few days before planting. Early spring is the best time to start growing ginger as it provides the longest possible growing time before the leaves die back in autumn.

Here’s how to grow ginger out in the garden:

Here’s how to grow ginger in a pot:

Growing Tips:

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