Kids Gardening


Sometimes kids just need to be given the opportunity to garden – start them off with their very own patch of sunshine.

Grow some sunshine

Imagine a field of sunflowers, their bright yellow flowers all turned towards the sun. What a happy place! Get the kids involved in sowing their own little patch of sunflowers.
Yates® Sunflower ‘Yellow Empress’ can grow stunning yellow flowers up to an impressive 35cm across.

The plants are large, growing up to 1.5m tall, so this is a variety that needs room to grow and may benefit from staking to stop them falling over. Kids can get involved with measuring how high the plants grow. Who can grow the tallest sunflower?

Yates® Sunflower ‘Dwarf Sensation’ has bright yellow flowers on a compact plant that grows to around 40cm tall. This variety can be grown in a pot on a sunny balcony or small spot in a courtyard.

So let the kids find a sunny, sheltered spot and help them sow some sunflowers.


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