Complete Lawn Care Guide


Mid spring lawn care – feeding, wetting and curl grub control


Feeding is one of the important steps to help create a lush green lawn. Lawns require a lot of nutrients during their spring growth spurt and regular feeding will encourage healthy green growth.

Organic based Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Concentrated Lawn Food is a source of concentrated fast acting nutrients, specially designed to encourage rapid greening of all types of lawns, including buffalo. It will also help improve the valuable organic matter content of the soil.


Many parts of Australia have been experiencing very dry conditions during winter and early spring. This can result in soil becoming water repellent (hydrophobic) and water will not penetrate effectively into the root
zone where it’s needed.

An application of Yates Waterwise™ Hose On Soil Wetter (hose-on, liquid concentrate or granules) will help break down the waxy, water repellent soil layer and assist moisture in getting down to the lawn’s roots.

Grub control

Curl grubs are common pests of lawns during spring. They are creamy white or grey grubs, around 2 – 3 cm long with a brown head and a dark grey to black bottom. When disturbed they curl into a C shape. They damage the lawn by eating the roots, just below the soil surface.

Curl grubs are the larvae of beetles like African black beetle, which are small, shiny black beetles around 1.5cm long. African black beetles start laying their eggs (which turn into curl grubs) in spring, with the grubs increasing in size (and causing increasing damage) as spring progresses.

An application of easy to use hose-on Yates® Complete Lawn Insect Control in October will control both the adult African black beetles and curl grubs, helping to break the curl grub life cycle and protect the lawn from damage.

Time for a brand new lawn?

If you’re planning on starting a new lawn using turf rolls, October is an ideal time to get cracking. The soil is warming up, which creates an ideal environment for the turf to establish new roots and start growing in time for Christmas parties and backyard cricket.

To achieve the best results from your new lawn, a little preparation will go a long way:


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