Leafy Vegetables


French inspiration

Lettuce is always fantastic to have on hand during summer, to create a healthy salad and add to a sandwich or wrap. Home grown lettuce is not only convenient but also you can pick it at its most tender and sweet and forget buying bagged salad that quickly goes slimy in the fridge.

Yates® Mesclun French Salad Mixed is a gourmet selection of colourful greens like loose leaf lettuce, endive, corn salad, peppery rocket and chicory. Individual leaves can be picked fresh as you need them after only 4 – 10 weeks. Yates Mesclun mix is also a great choice if you’re short on space, as it’s perfect for growing in a pot.

Seed can be sown direct where plants are to grow in a sunny spot or raised in trays of Yates® Seed Raising Mix and the seedlings transplanted when 3-4 cm high.

To encourage lots of rapid green growth, once the seedlings are established feed each week with Yates® Thrive® Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food. It’s rich in nitrogen to encourage lots of delicious leaves.


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