Strawberries - Sweet As!


Strawberries – Sweet As!

Strawberries are a reliable and rewarding crop to grow at home. Sweet red fruits are produced on neat compact plants which grow happily in raised garden beds, in the garden, in pots or even hanging baskets. The foliage is attractive too, making strawberries a pretty choice to use as a border plant or along a pathway and they happily spill over low walls.

Potted strawberry plants are available from nurseries or via mail order now. Established healthy strawberry plants will also produce runners or side shoots, with baby strawberry plants attached, so you might get some from friends or family. Growing a couple of different varieties will maximise the pollination of the flowers and extend your harvest .

As with any productive plant, preparing the soil by digging in some handfuls of Yates Dynamic Lifter encourages better plant health and harvest. Plant the strawberry plants or runners with the crown (where the leaves and roots join) just at ground level – they dislike being buried to deeply. Strawberries like mulch, which also keeps the fruits clean and off the ground where they might rot, so use lucerne, pea or sugar cane straw around the plants.

To keep strawberries productive, feed plants regularly with Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Fertiliser. It’s easy – just apply using a watering can. This special formulation contains nitrogen for healthy leaf growth and is boosted with additional potassium for lots of luscious berries. Look forward to delicious juicy fruits in summer – we think they taste best picked straight from the plant, but so do the birds – so it might be necessary to net the plants when they begin to fruit.

Citrus are also laden with developing fruit, so unless there’s good rainfall they need a good deep soaking once a week. To grow abundant juicy crops and maintain healthy green foliage feed with Yates Thrive Citrus Liquid Plant Food. It’s ideal to use on all citrus and feeds through both the roots and the leaves. Potted citrus need attention too, as dry or hungry trees will drop their developing fruit. Generous sized containers need a good soaking at least once a week and smaller pots more frequent watering. Little and often is the key to feeding potted citrus, and Thrive Citrus Liquid Plant Food is ideal- mixed in a watering can – it’s just the right amount for large potted citrus.


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