Even smaller still is a fantastic new Meyer lemon called ‘Lemonicious’ from Touch of Class Plants (www.touchofclassplants.com.au), which grows to 1.5 m tall and wide when planted in the ground and a very manageable 1 m tall and wide when planted in a pot.

Lemonicious,is a prolific cropper,producing lots of tangy juicy fruit. Add to this glossy green leaves and beautifully perfumed white flowers in spring, Lemonicious is a perfect citrus for growing on a sunny balcony or courtyard.

Growing Guide:

Tough love tip: as harsh as this might sound (and difficult to bring yourself to do), remove any developing fruit from young citrus trees for the first 2 years after planting. This will direct the tree’s growth into leaves, stems and branches (rather than using energy to grow fruit), which will help the tree attain a larger size quicker and promote more fruit in the future.


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