Donut Peach


When is a donut healthy? When it’s a peach!

Donut peaches, sometimes called flat or angel peaches, have a flattened fruit with a pronounced dip in the middle, hence the name donut. There are several different varieties available that can be grown in cool areas, including the yellow flesh ‘OkeeDokee®’ and white fleshed ‘Angel High Chill’, through to ‘Subtropical Angel’ which is perfect for warmer areas.

Donut peaches grow to around 3-4 m tall and have gorgeous pink flowers in spring. Their fruit, which ripens from December to February, is sweet and delicious and being flat, is ideal for including in a lunchbox – the top won’t get squashed!

Flat peaches don’t require a pollinator, so just one tree is enough to give you a crop of great home grown peaches. So if you have a sunny spot at your place, grow a donut (peach!).

Planting tip: mix some Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver and Plant Fertiliser into the planting hole to give your peach the best possible start.


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