Late winter’s the time for natives


In late winter many of our most beautiful native plants are looking at their best. It’s almost as if they are trying to outdo spring by blooming before it even officially arrives.

Plant breeders have been busy in recent years developing new and improved varieties of Australian natives. Purists may prefer native plants as they occur in nature, but there’s no doubt that many of these new cultivars are great garden performers.

Here are some to look out for:


Better known by their common name of wattle, there seems to be an acacia in flower in the bush at almost any time of year.

Kangaroo paws

There are dozens of named varieties that are much more disease resistant than their forebears, but in humid climates it’s safest to grow the taller plants. Cut back hard after major flowering flushes and avoid heavy frost areas.


Hundreds of varieties make choice easy or difficult, depending on how decisive you are.

Paper daisies

Regular pruning after major flower flushes is one of the secrets to successful growth of natives. Some are sensitive to certain nutrients, so feed safely with Yates Acticote for Natives, Dynamic Lifter pellets, blood & bone or Garden Gold for Natives.


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