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A fragrant gift for Mother's Day

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Choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but why not think about giving Mum a perfumed plant for the garden or a pot? That way she’ll have a fragrant reminder of your love for years to come.

A perfumed rose

The first and most obvious ‘scentsational’ suggestion is a rose. The earliest of the new season’s packaged roses are now available in the shops but, fortunately, these days there are always plenty of potted roses for sale as well. For example, the brand new Flower Carpet Rose, Amber, is possibly the best Flower Carpet yet. Its masses of golden/amber/salmon blooms have a light sweet fragrance and, in the best Flower Carpet tradition, Amber is hardy and free-flowering. Other sweet-smelling suggestions are David Austin roses or some of the old-fashioned varieties. Think, too, about including with your gift some rose-related add- ons such as thorn-proof gloves, a pair of secateurs, a Yates Rose Gun and a container of that wonderful new Dynamic Lifter for Roses.

Dainty daphne (pictured)

Daphne is one of the most beloved of plants and, because it blooms in winter, it’s also one of the most valued. Sadly, daphnes can be a bit tricky to grow and they’re often more successful in a pot. Make sure you give Mum everything she’ll need: the pot, the potting mix (choose an acidic Camellia & Azalea mix) and some slow release plant food. A tub of the new Yates Acticote would be perfect for feeding a potted daphne, and Anti Rot will protect from fungus.

Healthy herbs

If Mum’s a keen cook she’ll love to be given a pot of herbs for the balcony. It’s too late in the year for basil (start it off again in spring) but thyme, chives, rosemary and bay can all happily be planted at this time of year.

Lovely luculia

This delightful shrub produces the prettiest sprays of fragrant pink blooms right throughout the colder months. But temperamental luculia’s renowned as a heart breaker, so it should only be given to a green-thumbed mum. It doesn’t enjoy frosty conditions so is of no use in cold regions, but it will grow happily in frost-free gardens, especially if planted in the shelter of a wall or fence. Cut back after flowering, feed with Dynamic Lifter pellets and spread a new layer of organic mulch over the soil in spring. Luculia grandiflora, a spectacular white- flowering relative, will be harder to track down but produces an even more beautiful display.

Citrus in a pot

Every garden needs a lemon tree so, if Mum’s garden is lemon-less, her own potted lemon will be a very welcome gift. The compact-growing Meyer variety is the best for pots. Or, for a modern twist, look for one of the new Citrus ‘Splitzer’ varieties with two fruits on the one tree (combinations of lemon/lime, lemon/orange and orange/lime). A sturdy Yates Tuscan Edge pot will be light enough to move around if the plant has to go into more shelter for winter and, because of the pot’s clever self-watering feature, the plant will require much less watering. And Mum will be over the moon if you pot the plant up for her and carry it into her chosen spot.


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