Autumn is the new spring and a brilliant time to get growing in the back yard and prepare soil with a fertiliser like Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Organic Plant Food to create a strong foundation for a healthy and beautiful garden. Now is ideal to plant delicious herbs and vegies, as well as beautiful flowers and shrubs that love the cooler weather and get a second wind putting on a fresh flush of leaves and bloom. Soil is still warm enough for root growth, so if plants have enough nutrients from a fertiliser and water they will thrive this season.

Moving PLants

Autumn’s the season for moving plants

March and April are great months for transplanting evergreen shrubs and small trees.

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April PLanting

April is for planting

April’s one of the best months to put in new plants. They appreciate the gentler conditions and have time to settle in before it gets really cold.

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Autumn garden tips

Autumn’s much gentler than the volatile summer, with its extremes of heat, drought and flooding rains.

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autumn gardening-thumb

Autumn gardening

Here are some of the most important seasonal jobs in the autumn garden

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