Autumn is a brilliant time to get out into the garden as temperatures are milder making it more comfortable for both plants and gardeners. Soil is still warm enough for root growth, so if plants have enough nutrients and water they will thrive this season. There’s lots of wonderful things for green (and not so green) fingers to do in autumn, including growing delicious herbs and vegies, planting new trees and shrubs and preparing for winter and spring, whether you have the largest space or just a few pots!

Have a look at some fun projects we have listed below:

autumn colour-thumb

Autumn colour

If you want to have more autumn colour in your garden, take a walk around the neighbourhood in autumn and see which trees put on the best show

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Eater Gardening

Easter Gardening

If you can’t face the traffic and have decided to spend Easter at home, it’s a perfect opportunity to get out into the garden.

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Hanging baskets do better in autumn

Growing plants in hanging baskets can be challenging. Here are some tips to help.

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Why Is It So Good To Plant In Autumn?

Autumn is a great time to plant almost anything, from tiny seedlings to large trees. It’s also an ideal time to choose plants for their autumn foliage colours.

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