Why is my lilly pilly losing leaves

I have 3 Lilly Pilly Trees (5 Yrs) shaped to form a box. The leaves have been dropping and the trees are now looking bare. Leaves are green and healthy. I thought might be lack of water but read also that it might be curly grub in the ground - we have had that a lot in the past around the gardens and grass. What can I spray on the ground that won't harm the trees or do I need to fertilize - and with what? Thanks Donna


05 September 2014, 11:21PM

Hi Donna,

Your trees look to be well established lillypillies. Even though the foliage at the top of the trees looks a little sparse, the bulk of the foliage looks reasonably dense and healthy. I am wondering if the new foliage on the top of the trees is being attacked by possums. Because the trees are so established, I don't think it would be curl grubs that is causing this damage. You might like to investigate at night to see if there are any possums present. The branches that have lost their leaves still look to be quite green so I don't think you have anything sinister going on with the root system of the trees. To encourage new foliage, we would recommend that you apply a good quality fertiliser such Acticote for Natives. Keep your trees well watered and fertilised and I am confident they will put on new growth and continue to thrive. If you are still worried about your trees, please don't hesitate to contact us again. Yates has a wonderful new product available Yates Possum Repellent Spray helps protect your precious plants by deterring possums from browsing on sprayed plants.
Contains a special combination of ingredients that help reduce possums browsing on plants.
Lasts for up to 7 days or more with regular re-treatment.
Can be used on ornamental and edible plants and has only a 1 day withholding period.
The formulation was developed by Professor Lynne Selwood and is protected by a patent granted to the University of Melbourne.

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