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Why are the new and old leaves of my birds nest fern rotting

The leaves are rotting from the base of the leaf.New leaves as well as old ones. Is this caused by too much water or something else? We want to transplant it into the yard but no point if it's dying. PLEASE HELP!!

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Dear Fiona,

If the leaves are rotting at the base it does sound like the situation it is growing in is too wet. Most ferns need a good supply of water, particularly in summer. The soil should be moist but not wet. Check to see that there are no pests on the plant. Insect such as aphids, thrips, mealybugs, mites and caterpillars can do damage to the leaves. Mealybug often go unnoticed as they tend to hide in the folds of the leaves. It may be that your bird nest fern can still be saved as only part of the plant appears to be affected. It is worth giving it a go. You will be able to assess the situation when you remove it from the pot. If the root ball is saturated allow it to dry out a little before transplanting. Have the area where it is to live prepared first, then transplant it carefully. You will need to monitor the watering carefully over the next few weeks. Good luck.



Answered: 15 Mar, 2019

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