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What can I do to my pittosporum that's been affected by heat?

During a warm period the leaves on three of the hedges have died. These sections of hedge still have green leaves in some sections of the plant. What is the best way to recover the plants ? additional water and fertilizer or replacement ?

Australian Natives • Physical Damage

Hi David,

Pittosporum hedges are susceptible to both heat stress as well as root diseases if the drainage is poor. Using Dynamic Lifter Concetrate will help the plant recover. It contains fish meal and seaweed which will help improve nutrient uptake. After watering or rain, check the soil to see if the water percolates into the soil. If the soil remains dry apply some Yates Waterwise Soil Wetter. Ensure there is adequate drainage around the plants and if you suspect a root rot problem apply some Anti Rot to the foliage.



Answered: 14 Apr, 2012

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