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How do I stop my fern tree from going brown

We recently bought a home and there were two fern trees, but I don't know how to care for them, they are slowly turning brown. Walls two sides and open on other two. How to water and Feed them? should I prune the brown leaves?

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Dear Vijay,

Are you wanting information on tree ferns? Tree ferns should be planted in a shady spot protected from hot winds. Tree ferns should be well watered particularly during the hot summer months. If some the fronds on your tree ferns have gone brown, it indicates that they may have been burnt from the sun or insufficient moisture was given to the plant. You will have to prune off those dead fronds as they will not reshoot. If the place where you have planted the tree ferns is too hot, you may need to remove them to a more suitable spot. Depending on the species of tree fern you have planted, you may be able to relocate them. The soft tree fern (Dicksonia antartica) can simply be cut off at ground level and re-planted in its new location. Cyathea cooperi is much more difficult to relocate and may not survive transplanting.



Answered: 10 Jun, 2019

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