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Why is there brown liquid coming from the trunk of my sick eucalyptus?

from the trunk until branches all have brown liquid.

Australian Natives • Pests

Hi Tidjun,

Thank you for sending the photo. It shows the tree has borer damage. Depending upon the severity of the infestation, it may still be able to save your tree. From the photo you sent, it looks to be a well established tree and if it is healthy, it should survive. Borers tend to attack trees that are under some kind of stress, so if you can improve the environment in which the tree is growing, it should be okay. Ensure that the tree receives adequate water, receives nutrients in the way of a slow release fertiliser (Acticote for Trees & Shrubs) and remove any mulch that may be close to the trunk. If you notice the tree is declining, it may be wise to call in an aborist who would be able to determine whether the tree can be saved. Good luck.



Answered: 30 Nov, 2012

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