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We have a young Grevillea (Coconut Ice). The leaves have partly curled and have turned brown. We discovered a web like cocoon (like cotton wool) on one of the leaves. There is new growth elsewhere on the bush which looks healthy. Can you give us advice on

Australian Natives • Pests

Dear Hellmut,

Usually insects are not a major problem on grevilleas as the flowers attract lots of birds that feed on the nectar and also feed on pests and other insects that may be present on the bush. From what you say with the curling over of the leaf and webbing, may indicate the presence of caterpillars. If not a lot of the leaves are affected, I would just keep an eye on the plant and remove any of those affected leaves before the caterpillar hatches out. Should you need to spray the grevillea, Success Ultra is a product that can be used to control caterpillars in the home garden.



Answered: 24 May, 2019

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