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Why are some of my callistemons turning brown and dying?

The plant is great balls of fire. Have been well watered and fertilized. We live on the coast. The soil is clay. Remaining plants are quite healthy but their leaves are being eaten by grasshoppers. The leaves on the plants which died started turning a different colour and within a month they were dead with the entire plant turning to this brownish yellow colour.

Australian Natives • Pests

Hi Corinne,

What a shame that you have lost 3 of your callistemons. I can see where grasshoppers may be a problem stripping the foliage, but for the plants to die so soon after planting them, there could be another problem. Clay soils do tend to hold a lot of water. Perhaps there was not sufficient aeration around the root system of the plants, cutting out the necessary oxygen, thus causing the plants to deteriorate and die. It would be a good idea to incorporate plenty of organic matter into your existing soil before planting out again. Hopefully your new plants will respond well to being planted into an open free draining soil. If the grasshoppers continue to be a problem, it may be necessary to net the shrubs until the grasshoppers 'get the message'.



Answered: 4 Oct, 2012

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