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What can I use to treat my Lilly Pilly that's been affected by a spider or bug?

It looks like something is nesting in the top of the lilly pilly and the leaves are starting to drop from the affecetd area. What is the most suitable treatment for this?

Australian Natives • Pests

Dear Ashleigh,

The most common damage one sees on a Lillypilly hedge is cause by a tiny insect called Psyllid. They will suck sap from the leaves causing the plant to develop oval lumps on the upper surface of the leaves. The new growth can be completely covered with lumps leaving the plant looking ugly. These pests take advantage of weak and stressed plants. Help your plants to stay healthy by keeping the soil moist and feeding them regularly with Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser. Psyllid resistant varieties of lilly pillies are also available. You mentioned something was nesting in the top of the foliage. I am not sure what this is without seeing the plant but if you are still concerned perhaps you should take a sample of the foliage to your local nursery who will be able to recognise if this is a problem.



Answered: 8 Feb, 2011

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