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How to remove scale from lilly pillies

Please help. White scale is ruinning my garden. using white oil every week for 4 months and every second week for the past 6 weeks combine with every other week with Amgrow insect & miite . New white scales appearing all the time . is there anything alse i can do . lilly pillies and Viburnims are affected, losing leaves fast. Thank you in advance

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Hi Frooky,

The scale you are seeing now would be mature scale which will have been on your plants for some period of time now, hence the Sooty Mould that you are now noticing. At this stage, the scale is difficult to control. When the scale is young and at the crawling stage, it is much easier to control with PestOil . You will notice on the labels of these insecticides that it will state to use the product in late spring/early summer to get good control. As the scalae grow they become harder to control as they produce a waxy covering over their bodies to protect them. The more wax they produce, the harder it is to control this insect. This is why it is important to control the scale in the early stages of their development. The blackened stem and the black covering over the leaves is called Sooty Mould. By spraying with PestOil or Yates White Oil, this will not only suffocate and kill the scale but it will also help to loosen up the mould that is covering the leaf. Get on top of this infestation this spring and I am sure you will soon kill off the scale and have your plants looking healthy again.



Answered: 21 Jul, 2012

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