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Hi, I have a number of these trees in my street and have noticed that they have come under pest attack in recent times. I have sprayed with Yates Baythroid Advance in the hope that this will destroy the small caterpillars in cocoons attach to leaves and the tip branches. Could you please help me identify the type of pest (refer photos attached) and confirm that my treatment with your product will control or eradicate these leaf eating/sucking critters? Also, would pruning help the damage done to the Tristania? Please advise if this is the right course of action? Amateur gardener in need of help. Larry Adams

Australian Natives • Pests

Hi Lawrence,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

Looks like the trees are infested by case moths. Unfortunately, the product Baythroid advance is not registered for controlling the pests. The best advice to eradicate the pest is to prune or hand remove any of the cases you can see to reduce the infestation. Feed the plant with Dynamic lifter after pruning to help encourage new growth. 

Hope this helps and happy gardening :)



Answered: 1 Mar, 2021

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