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When is the best time to prune my leggy bottlebrush?

when is the best time to prune back leggy bottlebrush ( over 2m tall) and how hard can I be?

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Hi Judith,

If your bottlebrush has finished flowering and you can see the seed heads on the stems, you can prune behind them. This should be done every year to keep the plant compact. Quite often we forget to prune when we should and we will have several year's growth on the bush. It won't hurt the plant to prune back harder if you wish and maintain the height you desire. After pruning give your bottlebrush a feed with a good quality slow release fertiliser. We would suggest Acticote+Instant Booster for Natives which will provide your bottlebrush with all the nutrients it needs to grow strongly and flower profusely. Enjoy this beautiful native plant.



Answered: 7 Feb, 2014

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