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How do we look after our Wollami Pine after last years bush fire.

Our Wollami Pine (6.5 m high) was burnt in last years bush fires in Kangaroo valley. The only regrowth is at the base. the old trunk appears totally dead. should we remove the trunk? at what level should we cut is off? and is the re-growth at the base going to amount to anything?

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Hi Dougal,

Thank you for contacting Yates. 

An easy way to check if plants are still alive is to scratch the stem. For a living tree, this should be lime green, in a dead tree it is dry and brown. 

If the trunk is completely dead, it is best to prune it all the way back to where the new shoots are so any of the regrowth will form new leader for the tree. 

Hope this helps and happy gardening :)




Answered: 1 Dec, 2020

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