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How do I kill a Cordyline Cabbage Tree once and for all

We cut down & poisoned this 40 year old cordyline initially some 15 years ago. But every time it eventually re-grows despite re-cutting & re-poisoning. We have used every poison possible including undiluted concentrates. All we manage to do is to somehow kill the new trees we keep establishing around it (although we aren't using risidual poisons). It's now raised it's ugly head again. We're unable to find & dig out any roots as it's on the upper ledge of a 4ft retaining wall. Please help? thankyou

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Hi Terri,

It does appear like this cordyline wants to survive no matter how badly it is treated. Digging it out completely seems to be out of the question because of the difficult spot it is growing in. From what you have said in your email, I am assuming you have used a Zero weed killer product in the past. This requires cutting the trunk and applying the product immediately afterwards, allowing the herbicide to enter the sap stream of the plant. Obviously this hasn't worked successfully. There is a product called Yates Tree & Blackberry Weed Killer. It is a systemic product which, when sprayed or painted onto the freshly cut surface will enter the sap stream and destroy the plant growth. You will need to follow the directions for the 'cut stump treatment'. It is always better to apply this product when the tree is actively growing and the sap is freely flowing. Perhaps you might like to wait until spring before apply this product to achieve the desired results. I wish you good luck.
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Answered: 4 Jul, 2013

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